Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Junior Youth and Children's Class Service Opportunities

There are several neighborhood children's classes and junior youth groups in and around Oakland that could use your help. Wether you can help on a regular basis, play an instrument for the kids, or bring food one day all assistance is greatly appreciated by the hard working volunteers providing regular service at these various locations.

West Oakland Children's Class Needs Meal Assistance

Willie Keyes/ Poplar Community Center, 3131 Union St., Oakland/Emeryville
Children's Classes from 11:30am-1pm

Help with Lunches - feeding the participants was very useful - a lot of them are coming from or going to basketball practice. One parent made us take money and brought over a soda and cups to contribute. With Cynthia teaching the children's classes and Denise working every other saturday we have immediate needs for volunteers. about 15-20 lunches a week - funds are available to pay for the food.
Contact Cynthia Barnes for info:

Junior Youth Animators Needed in Emeryville

The Emeryville teaching team is still in need of Junior Youth tutors. Book 5 five training is preferable but not necessary to assist in the service efforts.
Where: the Emery Glen Apartments,
6200 Doyle St., Emeryville, 12:30 PM
Every other Saturday, Nov 7th and the 21st
for more info contact Abena King at

Alameda Children's Classes and Junior Youth Group

Thursdays from about 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm on a grassy area at the Esperanza complex in West Alameda. It is a group of 6-7 kids (depending on the week). There is a steady core of 4 girls ages about 7 - 14. The Junior Youth group is making a movie about how to help "bad kids" want to become "good kids". They also want to do monthly fieldtrips. We've shared some of Anna's Presentation and the kids plan to make fliers to invite others to join the group. The younger kids work in a group nearby - one week they helped make the scenery for the movie, and this past week they did a Ruhi 3 lesson. Farid has been so helpful in working with the little ones. And Zeeba and Nika have been helping with the Jr. Youth.

To assist with Children's Classes contact Sarah Porter at
To assist with Junior Youth contact Zeeba Anvary at

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